Silky Terrier Rescue

We do not currently have any Silkys in our Rescue program, and there are usually long periods between rescues. Silkys in need of rescue will be posted when we have one available.


In Canada, there are small numbers of Silkys, so we do not have many Silkys showing up in shelters or being abandoned. For the most part, Silkys needing to be re-homed are adult dogs and often seniors. They need people who are prepared to take a little extra time to settle a dog in and in some cases teach the dog that not everybody feels neglecting or abusing a dog is acceptable behaviour. They need love and kindness and understanding. They need someone who wants to give them a second chance and love them just as they are.


When we do get a Silky needing to be re-homed, our first priority is have it vet-checked and any emergency treatment given if needed. The dogs are bathed and groomed. Then the dog receives its immunizations and is either spayed or neutered. The dogs stay with a volunteer for an assessment of their temperament and personality so that we are better equipped to place them in the right home. We do ask adoptive families to donate a minimum amount of $200.00 back to Silky Rescue to help offset some of the expenses.  


"If you are interested in adopting a Silky, please contact our Rescue coordinators. For Western Canada (Northern Ontario to BC), please contact Meredith Reeve in British Columbia at or 250-655-6752. For Central Ontario to the Maritimes, please contact Fay Oatway in PEI at or 902-892-3456. Please put “Silky Rescue” in the subject line. In your email, please include responses to the following questions. This will help us determine if a Silky in our rescue program would be a good match for you. The more information you can give us, the better."


First and Last Name:

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Phone number:

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Have you owned other dogs before? Please tell us about them:

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Will the dog be alone during the day? If so, where will he be kept?:

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If you are looking to adopt a Rescue Silky in the U.S., you can also check out the American Silky Rescue website: