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The following information pertains to titles awarded under the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).


CH. in front of the name means that the dog has completed the requirements to be a CONFORMATION CHAMPION. In Canada, a dog currently needs to earn 10 points, under at least 3 different judges, to become a Champion. A maximum of 5 points can be awarded under any single judge, but, even if you were lucky enough to win 5 points each under 2 different judges, your dog must still win at least 1 point under a 3rd judge before the title would be awarded.

The number of points earned each day is based on the number of dogs in competition. Conformation showing is basically a beauty contest, where the dog is being judged for its physical appearance and structure against the Standard (or blueprint) for the breed. The dog is judged on movement, coming and going (front and rear), side movement, correct teeth (number and alignment) and so on. It is interesting to note also that a dog MUST be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club to become a Canadian Champion.


OTCh. in front of the name means the dog has completed the requirements to become an OBEDIENCE TRIAL CHAMPION. CD, CDX and UD are Obedience titles. To receive an OTCh., your dog must complete all 3 levels.

COMPANION DOG (CD) consists of 6 exercises: Heel on Leash, Stand for Examination, Heel Free, Recall, as well as a group (you and your dog in the ring, along with several other handlers and their dogs) 1 minute long 'sit' and a 3 minute long 'down'.

COMPANION DOG EXCELLENT (CDX) consists of 7 exercises: Heel Free, Drop on Recall, Retrieve on Flat, Retrieve over High Jump, Broad Jump, and group 3 minute 'sits' and 5 minute 'downs' with the handlers out of sight.

UTILITY DOG (UD) also consists of 7 exercises: Seek Back (retrieving a glove), 3 Scent Discrimination sequences using a metal, leather and wood article (dog has to find each one separately that has been scented by the handler, out of 4 metal, 4 leather and 4 unscented ones), Signal Exercise (dog must heel, stand, down, sit, come and finish, by hand signals only), Directed Jumping (dog must go out between jumps and then take each jump as directed by the handler), and a Group Stand and Exam for a minimum of 3 minutes.

To earn each of the Obedience titles, your dog must get a qualifying score (called a 'leg') under at least 3 different judges. To get a qualifying score, your dog must earn at least 50% on each exercise and the total score must be 170 or more, out of a possible 200. You require 3 qualifying scores in each level to get the title (i.e. 3 legs in Novice to get your CD, 3 legs in Open to get your CDX and 3 legs in Utility to get your UD).

TD and TDX are TRACKING titles. To earn a TD, a dog must track a scent laid by a track-layer that is approximately 500 yards long, aged at least half an hour and has at least a couple of corners (turns). The dog has to either retrieve or indicate a leather article at the end. To earn a TDX, the track is approximately 1000 yards long, is aged over 3 hours, with 2 cross-tracks aged 2 hours, has more and possibly tighter corners with two articles along the way and one at the end. Your dog only needs to pass one test at each level to earn the title.

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