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Choosing a Breeder

So... you've researched the breed and have decided that the Silky Terrier is the right breed for you. Now you need to locate a good breeder. You need to see the contracts that each breeder offers, you need to feel comfortable dealing with the breeder and feel confident that you can call to discuss any questions you may have and that your call will be welcomed.

The breeders listed in our the Maple Leaf Silky Terrier Breeders Directory are members in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club and in the Maple Leaf Silky Terrier Club, and have paid to have their kennels listed in this directory. As members of the MLSTC, they have agreed to abide by the club’s Code of Ethics. If you encounter any unethical practices in your dealings with these breeders, please contact both the Maple Leaf Silky Terrier Club and the Canadian Kennel Club.

Don't limit your search for your Silky to just your local area. Shipping puppies by air is relatively easy and not very expensive. The breeder takes care of all the arrangements and gets the puppy safely on the plane. The puppy travels in his crate, with a blanket, water and (if the trip is long) food, and a toy. This is usually not particularly stressful to the puppy. In fact they often sleep on the journey. Most puppies will be busy exploring their new home within 5 minutes to 1/2 an hour from arriving back at your place. Shipping is usually collect (you pay at your end). The puppy, of course, is expected to be paid for before the breeder ships to you. Something that can make things a bit nicer for the puppy is for you to take a towel or blanket at home and sleep on it for a night. Then, bundle up the towel (without washing it!) in a clean plastic bag and seal firmly shut. Then mail this to you breeder and request that they not open up the plastic until they get to the airport, and then the breeder can use this towel in the crate for the flight to you. This way, the puppy is nice and comfy on the trip and is beginning to get used to your smell (from the blanket) by the time you get it home.

The Purchase Contract

Think of your puppy’s purchase contract as an insurance policy—you want to make sure that you’re protected if something comes along in the future that you weren't expecting. Your puppy’s breeder wants to ensure that you are going to be a responsible owner and aren't going to be doing anything that might jeopardize the health and well-being of the puppy. Both of you are entitled to be protected, but the most important thing is to protect the puppy.

Read any contract carefully before you decide to buy. Read the small print and think about how it can be interpreted. For example, guaranteeing a puppy for its lifetime for "life threatening illnesses" may sound good at first, but just how many problems are life threatening? Your contract should offer protection from hereditary defects or genetic problems that would affect the animal enjoying a happy normal life. Usually the guarantee allows for a replacement puppy or a refund of some, or all, of the purchase price. There is usually a limit to the coverage: two years is normal. If a breeder tells you their dogs don't have any hereditary or genetic problems, you should still insist on it being covered in the contract. Every dog on earth (purebred or mutt) has at least 6 genetic problems in their background. The breeder may not have been breeding long enough, or have been lucky enough not to have had any come forward...but the potential is there nonetheless.

Any contract should include the full registered name of the puppy, plus the full registered names and registration numbers of both the parents. The puppy’s date of birth, sex, date of purchase and price paid should also be included, plus the full name and address of the breeder as well as your own. Your contract should also stipulate a time period (usually under 6 months) by which time you must have spayed or neutered your puppy. Many breeders will have you sign a waiver that you will not receive the registration certificate until proof of the altering has been provided to the breeder. Many breeders will also have a clause that, should you be unable to keep the puppy at any point in the future, that you must notify them first. They may even require that the dog is returned to them so that they can locate a new home for the dog.

All in all, just read the contract carefully and use your good judgement.

Breeder Directory
Fay Oatway
2653 North York River Road
Charlottetown, PE
C1E 0T8
Tel: 902-892-3456
Fax: 902-892-0126

Puppies occasionally, Stud service, Adults occasionally.


Owner: Tamra Steen
St. Albert, AB
Male Standing At Stud Only

Carmorosa Silky Terriers
Carolyn Kool
Tel: 250-821-9858
2319 Island Hwy East, Nanoose Bay, BC, V9R 6Y7

Puppies occasionally, Stud service, Adults occasionally.